Tablets Better Than iPad 3 [Updated]

As we discussed this before and again now we are going to update that list. So let’s start.Kindle Fire:

Having sold nearly 6 million tablets in the fourth quarter of 2011, Amazon’s Kindle Fire is a force to be reckoned with. The 7 – incher has a price and size advantage and the eco system that has been built around this $199 device is formidable. If just a little bit of browsing, reading an ebook, playing a game and watching a movie is all you need a Tablet for- then the Fire is King. Fire 2 is on its way.

Galaxy Tab Edged By Kindle Fire as most used Android tablet

Asus Transformer And Padfone:

Asus Transformer is an ultrabook and a Tablet that has literally rewritten the rules of ergonomics an d form factor. It truely shines as a Tablet and completely outwits the competition when docked as a notebook. The battery life itself  is jaw dropping. The Padfone, on the other hand, is a phone docked in a tablet that transforms to a notebook and has a stylus that does double duty as a full mobile. And while I found the whole idea a little fiddly – most people are super excited about the concept . Beautiful form factors are the extra bonus on these two. Then there’s the no compromise quad core 7 inch budget wonder coming up from Asus called the Memo. The price – an incredible $249.

Samsung Note and Note 10.1:

Samsung Galaxy Note gives a big Phone and small Tablet – all rolled into one. That’s where the whole idea of the Phablet and Tabphone ( ugly words) was born. For many, the portability of the Note and the fact that you don’t pay two times the money for a Tablet and a phone are enough to call it the best thing ever. And now the Note 10.21 is a Tablet with the S pen magic stylus and it can also do side by side apps on the same screen. Plus at the rate Sasmung brings in new Tablets – I’m betting a new Note Tablet with a Retina++ screen in less than 90 days.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.2 v/s iPad 3
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Shows at FCC

Windows 8:

Windows 8 lends itself perfectly to hybrids and unique design. And with all- new Microsoft aggressiveness, watch out for some radical new Tablets and Notebook hybrids to make a high decibel appearance very soon.

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