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iphone 6

Android OEMs confirm that they don’t slow down smartphones like Apple

Last week, Apple confirmed that they slow down iPhones with older batteries when a benchmark comparison proved it. Since then, many Android OEMs confirmed that they don't slow down smartphones like Apple. Before Christmas, Apple...
Apple iPhone X

Samsung will be supplying 200 million OLED panels to Apple next year

We all know the rivalry between Samsung and Apple which is being continued for a long time. But, even though both the brands rely on each other for their benefits.This year Samsung supplied around...
LG G6 official

LG G7 might be announced along with the Samsung Galaxy S9 in January

All the major smartphones of 2017 have announced and they are making good amount of money for the manufacturers. But, the OEMs are already aiming big for the coming year. Especially, to compete against...
google app logo

Google pays big amount to stay iOS default search engine

If you thought the Android ecosystem was the only major source of traffic for Google, you would be mistaken. The Search Giant has an iron grip on iOS as well as desktop. But that...

Apple and Samsung faces loss while Chinese OEMs rakes up Profits: Q2 2017 Reports

Market research analyst Canalys has released the Q2 2017 report for global smartphone sales report. According to the report, Samsung and Apple retained the top 2 positions for the most smartphone sales followed by...

In War Of Samsung Vs Apple; Fanboys Stabs Each Other

There are lot of wars that Samsung and Apple both are going through, whether, we take patent infringements, marketing, or anything else. But today it took a bad shape, as two fanboys stabbed each other in...
galaxy s5

Samsung Galaxy S5’s New Ad Thumps iPhone Battery Life

Samsung is flaunting the iPhone users for being "wall huggers" or "there they are, cluster around power outlets near the recycling bins, stained carpets and bathrooms. Tether to the wall." So it seems like Samsung...

Xiaomi Ranked 3rd in China, Ahead of Apple

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has beaten Apple in smartphone sales in China this year. thanks to their feature-rich not-so-costly smartphones which are performing very well in the market. Xiamoi has fared better than Apple in...
ipad mini vs nexus 7 2013

Apple Mini 2 vs Nexus 7 (2013)

Apple recently launched the iPad Mini 2 and really created a fuss on the Tablet market. But let us see how the device compares with the most successful tablet of the year so far,...
rivals of android

Biggest Rivals Of Android

This year saw many Non Android Devices making an impact on the market, may it be the Windows Devices, BlackBerry Devices or the old friend, Apple. So in this post we have a list...

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