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Facebook announces new Messenger app for kids on IOS

Facebook the social networking website is used by millions of people worldwide. Be it kids, adults and everyone. And the latest update about Facebook is that it has announced a new app for kids....

Messenger now as popular as WhatsApp with 1.3 billion monthly active users

Facebook has multiple Instant Messaging platforms in its kitty, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Both of them vie for the same public share and command the biggest user base in the world. In that sense, the...
Group Payments in Messenger

Facebook Messenger Comes with New Group Payments Feature

Facebook Messenger in its latest update gets the Group Payment Support. Since 2015 the payment feature is present in Messenger App but that is only for person to person. And now you can send...
FB Messenger Paypal Support

Facebook Messenger Gets The PayPal Support to Send/Receive Money

Facebook Messenger gets the Paypal Support to send or Receive Money. Facebook Messenger currently supports mobile payments using debit cards. Now a select number of users in the US (at-least) can link their PayPal and Messenger...

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