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Inbox by Gmail shut down

Gmail reaches the 1.5 Billion Active users mark

Google's very popular email client Gmail reaches the 1.5 Billion active users mark. Google uses the Twitter to announce the 1.5 Billion active users...
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Google acknowledges weird spam issue that affected some GMail users

Yesterday, certain users have reported an anomaly on their GMail accounts. Such that the accounts appear to be sending out dozens of spam all...
Smart Reply in Gmail

Google I/O 2017: Smart Replies in Gmail for Android

Google announced the update rolling out on Gmail for Android in which Smart Reply Feature is added. Few mins before Google has announced that...
Gmail for Android

Gmail for Android updates with Anti Phishing Features

Google is rolling out an update for its Gmail for Android app with Anti Phishing features. Google has updating its app Just after few hours...
Gmail app on Android

Gmail for Android Now helps you to Sends & Receive Money

Gmail for Android get the new feature in latest update i.e. you can now send and receive money. The Money is transferred via Google...
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Gmail for Android Update Adds “Block Sender” and “Unsubscribe” Option

In latest update to Gmail for Android App, Google is providing some bunch of new features to the user. Update is now live you...