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Google-Assistant 2018

What Google Assistant can do for you in 2018 ?

Well, it's 2018 and it can be termed as the year of AI - Artificial Intelligence. It can be termed as year of small size and big displays with AI involved in your daily...

Google Assistant makes its way to Android Auto

Google Assistant which first debuted on the original Pixel smartphones is now making its way to almost all devices. At CES 2018, Google announced number of hardware partners for Assistant such as Lenovo, JBL,...
google-assistant partners list

Google updates its list of Assistant Partners after a long time

Google Assistant first debuted on the original Pixel as well as on original Google Home back in October 2016. As with any new product, the number of partners were limited in the beginning. Now,...

LG ThinkQ Smart Speaker with Google Assistant to be introduced at CES 2018

Well, which new devices will be introduced in the CES 2018, is something to think about. According to the reports, most of the companies will come up with devices powered with Alexa and Google...

“Hey Google” hotword is now rolling out to all Android users using Google Assistant

Since 2013, Android users can access Google Now by saying the hotword "OK Google". Later in 2016, Google introduced Assistant which still uses the same command. However, Google Home can be accessed also by...
google assistant

Google Assistant now available on phones running Lollipop and tablets with Marshmallow or above

Google launched Assistant with the first generation Pixels last year. Later, some months it was rolled out to all the Android smartphones running on Nougat and Marshmallow. But, phones with Lollipop and all the...

Assistant will soon help you find local professionals

Google search has become such a vital part of our lives that it has become the central entity for all kinds of search. Nonetheless, it is not strange these days to search for professional...

Google Assistant brings support for Indian English

Google is working to localise their apps for every country and region. In order to attain their goal of localisation, Google is bringing support for different languages in their products on different platforms. Recently,...

Google Assistant also receiving rounded UI, white background in latest update

Google is now rolling out the rounded UI to its Assistant app on Android. You might have noticed those rounded corners in the search bar on your browser. Not only that, everything including card...

“Hey Google” hotword now working on some smartphones

If you own a Google Home, you might be aware that to call Google Assistant you have to use the phrase "Hey Google" . Now it seems that this phrase is no more exclusive...

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