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best tech events 2016

Best Tech Events Held in 2016

Many new things got launched this year. Many new Mobile devices, Apps, Tablets, Wearables and VRs got launched this year. This all happened via some Best tech Events held in 2016. Many events took place...

15 Amazing Things Launched at Google IO 2016

Google IO 2016 is over and here we are going to show you the 16 Amazing things which includes, Softwares, Apps and Services. The list is quite wonderful as like of products. Google has launched...

Watch: Google I/O Day 3 Various Sessions Video

Well, if you missed Google I/O day 3 most important sessions of ATAP, Soli and Project Ara, then you can watch them over here. Here's the official video from Google Developers. https://youtu.be/8LO59eN9om4 Also, if you missed...
Google Play family screen trio

Google Play Family Library Unveiled, Due for July

Google is launching lot of stuff at the Google IO 2016. There are lot of innovations are taking place and everyone has got something new from Google in past couple of days. Well, coming onto...
fingerprint scanner

Secure Lock Screen Now Over 90% of Nexus Phones

Google IO 2016's last day is proceeding and we have already got many new innovations and technologies. Speaking at the event Stephan Somogyi from Google dropped an interesting statistic on us — he said, since...
Project Ara

Google I/O : Project Ara dev edition coming in Q4 2016 and will launch...

Project Ara is still alive and Google even made two announcements on Ara i.e Developer Edition will be out sometime in the fourth quarter of 2016. Moreover, the Project Ara modular smartphone will be available for...
Project SOLI

Google shows Project Soli Touchless Interactions on Smartwatch

Google's Project Soli is having a radar Technology which enables new types of Touchless interactions with your devices. Currently they will first start inserting this chip into the wearable like smartwatches and other Digital Devices later on. Today...
Science Journal App

Download: Google Launches its New Science Journal App in Play Store

Google Launches its another New app in Play Store i.e. Science Journal App which is just what you think it is, but it’s also gathers data from your smartphone's sensors or compatible external sensors like ambient...
Android n developer preview 2

Seamless Update Feature Not Coming To Present Nexus Devices

Android N's most important feature, Seamless Update are not coming to the Nexus Devices present in the market. It is going to come on the upcoming Nexus devices which are slated for later this...
Android N sustained performance mode

Android N’s Packs Storage Access Framework Allows Virtual Files While Locally Unavailable

Android N has one more hidden feature in the latest Android N Developer Preview 3. The latest and the greatest Android N build have Sustained performance mode and 48 other features on the changelog. In...

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