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Project SOLI

Google shows Project Soli Touchless Interactions on Smartwatch

Google's Project Soli is having a radar Technology which enables new types of Touchless interactions with your devices. Currently they will first start inserting this chip...
Science Journal App

Download: Google Launches its New Science Journal App in Play Store

Google Launches its another New app in Play Store i.e. Science Journal App which is just what you think it is, but it’s also gathers...
Android n developer preview 2

Seamless Update Feature Not Coming To Present Nexus Devices

Android N's most important feature, Seamless Update are not coming to the Nexus Devices present in the market. It is going to come on...
Android N sustained performance mode

Android N’s Packs Storage Access Framework Allows Virtual Files While Locally Unavailable

Android N has one more hidden feature in the latest Android N Developer Preview 3. The latest and the greatest Android N build have...

Android Auto is Getting the Waze and Wireless Support

Google has announced products and new apps in the Google I/O 2016. Among them Android Auto also gains the fair share of the attention. As...

Official: Chromebooks Can Enjoy Android Apps With Google Play Access

It's Official now, that Chromebooks can enjoy the Android Apps on them Using Google Play Access. Google just spent a special session here at I/O....

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