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Report: HTC is considering selling its Vive VR business or the company as a...

HTC, the apex phone manufacturer in past few years has lost a considerable smartphone market share in the recent times. A current report suggests...
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HTC is Developing Another VR Device for 2017

HTC announced Vive VR last year with the entry of the company into new market. Similarly, this year also, HTC is looking for new...
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Best VR (Virtual Reality) Headsets for 2016

This year is for the evolution of the Virtual Reality (VRs) Headsets. Every big manufacturer tried to gain from this new product category. Samsung...
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HTC Vive VR headset will cost $799 and available in Early April announced at...

HTC Today at MWC 2016 announced that its HTC Vive VR headset consumer variants will cost $799. The device will be available in Early...
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HTC Q4 2016 Report Shows $101 Million Loss

Here's a disappointing news for HTC fans, users and investors as company has again got into troubled waters with a loss of $101 Million. HTC's...
htc vive preorders

HTC Vive Open for Pre Order on 29 February

Chief executive Officer of HTC confirms that HTC's virtual reality handset HTC Vive will Open for Pre Order on 29 February but still there is no...
ces 2016 products launch

Best Products Launched at CES 2016

Every year, we start the new year with new product launching from many companies around the globe at Consumer Electronics Show, we can see...
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HTC Vive Pre Revealed, Second Gen VR System

HTC has revealed its much rumored HTC Vive pre, a VR system in its second phase. It is the second-generation VR hardware for developers. Actually, HTC...
htc vive preorders

HTC Vive Gets Clearance From the FCC

HTC Vive, HTC's virtual reality headset is out from FCC hurdle. Headset has been approved from the FCC authority. Not only the headset, its...

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