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Prisma for Android

Prisma Update Allows to Edit Any Size of Photo (Earlier, Squarish Photos Were Allowed)

In an update to the most accurate Photo Editing app with the help of presets, Prisma developers have added ability to edit photos of...
prisma update

Prisma Gets the Cropping Feature and Processing Speed in latest Update

Prisma is rolling out an update which includes the fast processing speed, cropping feature, Rotation of the photo makes easy with this update. For...
alter android app

Is there Any Prisma Competitor ? Let’s Try Alter App

Prisma, which has shook the world with its artistic presets within few seconds. It can develop your photo into artwork of a great painter. If...
Prisma for Android

Prisma App Video Support Coming Soon

How many of you have used Prisma ? The photo editing effect with artistic effects. Prisma which was initially launched on iOS platform and...
Prisma for Android

Update: Prisma Allows To Save Photos Directly

Prisma, Yesterday, which has made its appearance on the Android platform. It has received its first update with an option to save photos directly...