When it comes to features there is nothing to compete with Telegram. The cloud-based instant messenger is a complete package offering tons of fun-filled and quite intuitive features. It still goes on adding that makes the users more happy and enjoyable on the world of Telegram. Today, a new update has been rolling out on Android bringing another useful feature – a dedicated Poll option.


New in version 5.1

  • Create polls in groups and channels – right from the attachment menu.
  • Number of online members is shown even in very large groups.

The latest Telegram 5.1 gives you a dedicated tool for polls in addition to existing bots like PollBot or @vote The new built-in polls will be a nifty addition especially to the groups and channels having uncountable members and subscribers. Moreover, as the Christmas is head near family/friend groups can put up a poll whenever there is a dilemma in selecting holiday venues or the theme of the party and so on, isn’t it?

It seems, as of now the polls are anonymous, meaning that no one can see who voted for what. However, Telegram says they may introduce non-anonymous polls also in near future where the voters lists will be public. Such polls will be explicitly marked as non-anonymous in deed.

Additionally, Telegram can now display the number of active members in a large group. Note that, this wasn’t possible earlier in case if you haven’t noticed.


Telegram: Google Play Store.



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