Telegram v4.3 get reply/mention badges, favorite stickers and better invites


Telegram is seen as a WhatsApp competitor. And in some ways, the cloud-based app has outdone WhatsApp in the features department. And with more than 100 million downloads, the app has a devoted user base.Today, the dev team has announced a new update to v4.3. Also, with every major update, the team also publishes a blog post describing the new changes. Neat!

telegram v4.3 features

So here is what we get in v4.3. There are three new features mentioned in the blog post. First off is “Better Replies”. With this feature, users can easily reach the spot in a group chat where someone has answered/mentioned them. And with the group limit being 10,000 this would be a needed change. Users will see a “@” badge on the right side in the respective chat. Once the replies are viewed, the badge goes away.

The next feature allows users to favorite some stickers so they appear on the top of the list. Also, group owners can select a sticker set as default so all members will see them at the top. Apart from that, the invite section now displays those contacts first that have more mutual friends using the messaging app. Other than that, there are misc. enhancements that we list below.

Source: Telegram


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