Our friends from TeleNav are all set to launch the new and improved GPS Navigator version 7.1 for Android devices soon. TeleNav has been working hard to bring the most wanted and requested features to the popular navigation tool and this update will do just that. First available for WiMAX devices it will soon follow to other carriers and options as TeleNav comes pre-loaded with many popular smartphones available today. See below for a list of all the newly announced features and more.

TeleNav GPS Navigator 7.1 will bring many new changes and one of the biggest is the new feature and homescreen called “My Dashboard,” for quick and easy access to what on-the-go people need every single day. It will feature real-time traffic overlays with dedicated home or work buttons for easy and quick toggling, as well as give full drive times based on live traffic. TeleNav has also developed three new Android homescreen widgets for the 7.1 update, and drivers now have the option to use fun, custom car icons such as a sports car, hot rod, tank, space ship, motorcycle and more. I think I’ll take the Tank icon please.

We also have local voice search, stay safe and keep your hands on the wheel while using your voice to search over 22 million places and even get user-generated ratings and reviews to quickly decide where to go. You can use voice search to get up-to-date gas prices and even have TeleNav re-route you around a traffic jam, some of these updates sure sound great right? With improved maps and rendering the new version 7.1 should be faster and better than ever. Here is a live demo of the latest from TeleNav.

Here is a list of some key features we can expect to see coming shortly from the folks at TeleNav.
– Multi Route: Recommends up to three routes to your destination with distance and estimated drive times based on traffic conditions
– Favorite and Recent Destinations: Drive to your favorite and recent destinations more quickly and easily with one-touch access on My Dashboard
– Daily Commute: Current drive times based on live traffic right on the home screen
– Live Traffic: Save time with live traffic updates that automatically reroutes you around traffic jams or road congestion
– Local Search: Search 22 million Places and get user-generated ratings and reviews to quickly decide where to go
– Local Reviews: Rate and review your favorite Place all from your phone
– Gas Prices: Search up-to-date gas prices by location and price to save money
– Voice Search: Stay safe and keep your hands on the wheel with voice-activated commands
– Local Weather: Get real-time weather and seven day forecasts for your current location
– Voice Guidance: Clear, easy-to-understand driving directions spoken by a real human voice

We can expect to see the latest version of TeleNav GPS Navigator 7.1 coming shortly and will launch pre-installed and be offered free on many Android devices, with optional premium features such as lane assist, speed trap, red light camera, speed limit notification and commute reports available for an additional $4.99 per month. For more details and to give TeleNav a run head down to the Android Market and give it a try by clicking here.


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