When it comes to games PUBG has its own community of players. And with the recent rollout of its Android version the game had spread like anything. It is the best game so far developed by Tencent games. Its biggest competitor Fortnite is about to release and it looks like Tencent has again played a bold move. They have silently launched the Lite version of PUBG which for now is limited to the Philippines. So without wasting any time let’s jump to the facts.

PUBG mobile undoubtedly is one of the best games Smartphone users have ever experienced. The regular version of the game weighs hefty at 1.6GB’s and due to its amazing graphics, it is almost unplayable on some age-old Android devices. Taking care of Android community Tencent has just announced the PUBG Mobile Lite which is easily playable on Android devices with low RAM memory. The Lite version is at present in Beta stage and will soon be made official.

With PUBG Lite a user has to compromise a little because it only features a 2x2km small map compared to the 8x8km on the regular variant. Also, the player’s count is limited to 40 compared to the 100 on regular PUBG. As mentioned above this PUBG Lite Beta is for now limited to the Philippines and we are expecting it to soon go official. As per reviews, the game is just satisfactory because it lacks in graphics, texture quality and rest of the things have been kept identical. To get the latest Android news first stay tuned to GoAndroid.


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