Want to save data costs on your Android-powered device? Then you might want to check out the TextOnly Browser, where the name itself gives the game away (not that there is anything to hide in the first place though). Yes sir, this browser intends to help you reduce your data usage by up to 90% through the displaying of readable content only, doing away with ads,scripts and images. Now how about that? This paves the way for instant reading of articles on websites without having to scan through the page before realizing that only a certain segment is meant for reading, while the rest yield this temptation to click away at ads and promotional links.
Not only that, it will minimize your data usage and maximize your productivity if you are a voracious online reader. Most sites with good RSS feeds will be supported, and over 95% of websites are compatible with the TextOnly Browser. The web version of TextOnly Browser for Android can be found here, so why not give it a go?


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