The Perfect Canadian Coffee Spots for You Late-Night Android Enthusiasts


Our Canadian readers may find this of interest, though it’s admittedly not exactly Android-related. But a couple of our good friends have started scouring Canada for the “perfect cup” of coffee. Steering clear of the bigger chains, they tend to focus on the smaller, more intimate places to sit down with a cup o’Joe. Common Grounds TV will be airing in Canada this Spring, and one of the leaders on this project, Nik Green, is a good friend to TalkAndroid staff. Canadian coffee enthusiasts, or just people who really like TalkAndroid (which is all of you, right?), should tune in and show support to Nik and his team. In the process, you might even find some of the best spots to sit down and enjoy some coffee, which is the perfect fuel for late-night Android sessions, be it gaming or developing.

YouTube Preview Image


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