There are hoards of universal remote control hardware and software systems on the market for iOS, but there aren’t many for the Android user. If you are an Android user that wants a universal remote for your smartphone ThinkFlood has announced what it claims to be the first universal remote system for Android smartphones.

A beta version of the RedEye software for Android smartphones is now available. The app is in public beta and can be downloaded right now to try out. The app is compatible with all networked RedEye products including the RedEye and RedEye Pro. The app will work on Android OS 1.6 devices and up and it will also work on Honeycomb 3.0 tablets.
It’s worth noting that even with the Android beta software available, the RedEye gear will needs an iOS device to configure the products. The ability to configure the products with Android will come in a later version of the Android app. For now if you have RedEye hardware in your home and an iOS device to configure, you can try out the beta Android software for controlling your gear.
RedEye-app RedEye-app-2 RedEye-Hardware )


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