Tired of Angry Birds? Shoot some Stupid Zombies [Video Game Reviews]

Rovio Mobile’s Angry Birds is the hottest mobile game you’ll find today. But while I love slinging birds who can’t fly at pigs who aren’t very good at construction, there’s another game which commands my attention these days: Stupid Zombies.
Available for Android 2.0 and above, Stupid Zombies requires players to rely on aim, creativity, and a little luck to win the game. Players are given a limited number of shotgun shells and told to shoot a group of inanimate zombies. Barriers and objects get in the way of a clear path to the undead, so players must use the benefits of a ricochet and the environment to be successful. Angling a shot just right will be the difference between a three-star reward or not completing the level at all.
Stupid Zombies gets progressively tougher and more complex as you move through the 240 levels. In one stage, a bullet must hit a bell that releases a pulley, which drops a barrel, which then hits the zombie tucked away behind a wall. Each level requires paying attention to details about what can be done to kill the undead, and more points are awarded for the less number of shots it takes to clear the board.
The graphics are a bit elementary and not as entertaining as what’s seen in that other attack-minded game. However, that’s not why people play Stupid Zombies. This is about the challenge of figuring out how to shoot evil creatures and save the planet. Here’s a quick video demo showing Stupid Zombies.

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