Titanium Backup 7.5 Update Available for Download


Titanium Backup has rolled out an update to version 7.5 with various new features and more. Most importantly, Titanium Backup has added support for Android N. Most of the geeks and developers are familiar with the Titanium Backup but those who are not here’s what it is. Titanium backup provides restore and backup services for rooted devices. You can u it to freeze, backup, modify any apk or service.

ti cloudWell, Titanium Backup 7.5 offers Android N support and have introduced MyTi.cloud backups. It is not ready yet — it is expected for 2017 launch date — but you can sign up now. Here are the plans and pricing and CHF is Equivalent to USD in pricing:

  • 10GB for CHF 12
  • 20GB for CHF 23
  • 50GB for CHF 51
  • 100GB for CHF 96

Also here are some more changes that comes in Titanium Backup 7.5:

• Added a “Configure cloud storage” button to the Schedules view.
• Updated translations.

You can head over to the link below to update your App.


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