href=”” rel=”homepage” target=”_blank” title=”Toshiba”>Toshiba has announced that it is going to launch world’s thinnest and lightest href=”” rel=”homepage” target=”_blank” title=”Android”>Android tablet at href=”” rel=”wikipedia” target=”_blank” title=”Consumer Electronics Show”>Consumer Electronics Show next week along with a new product line-up. Details about other products in this line-up are unclear right now, but we might see an affordable seven inch tablet from company.
According to a pre-show press note issued by Toshiba Japan, the 10.1 inch tablet will come with an organic EL display, and will support wireless charging. Other details are still unknown.
However a separate leak from Netbook Italia suggests that we will also see the launch of a seven inch tablet from Toshiba at the event. This 7 inch tablet will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 1024X600 resolution display, rear camera, microUSB port, microSD slot, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.


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