trip bundle google

Last Week, Google updated its Inbox for Gmail app with few new features. Google added few tweaks like swipe to delete and few other features in the latest update. Along with these changes Google also introduced Trip Bundles For Inbox by Gmail.

trip bundle google

As we already know that Trip bundles allows emails to get into a group of bundle, where we can see all the travel or trip related emails under one bundle. Today, Google detailed the Trip Bundle via blogpost and showed how it is going to serve the users.

When you going to travel and the time for travel is just few hours away, Inbox will show Google now card on the top of the Inbox view. You can see similar type of graphic in the image above. Further, when you click on the Trip card, it will show further information about the trip and will allow users to interact with lot of information from different mails in a simple way.

trip bundle 2

Furthermore, it will give you more information about the selected slice of information after clicking the trip card. There’s also an option of trips in the app menu from where you can easily browse the trip bundle.


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