Try the new Twitter Lite app released for the Philippines


Following in the footsteps of Facebook and Google, Twitter has just launched a Twitter Lite app on the Play Store. But before you jump to the Play Store, read the content below. It’s just for the Philippines. So, you won’t be able to download it right off the bat if you don’t live in the Philippines. However, the app is now available on the APK Mirror. So others can now try it as well, we have linked to the APK Mirror below.


The app is a copy of the Progressive Web App launched in March as Twitter Lite. Being a web app it still managed to do a lot of what the mobile Twitter app does. However, it doesn’t support multiple accounts as of now.

The social media company is still pondering on releasing the new app in other markets. As you might be aware, the “Lite” breed of apps are capable of functioning with scarce data. This helps users in areas where there is low bandwidth to stay connected to their¬†favourite platforms. And in turn, it helps the apps garner more traffic.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Twitter said “The test of the Twitter Lite app in the Google Play Store in the Philippines is another opportunity to increase the availability of Twitter in this market.

The Philippines market has slow mobile networks and expensive data plans, while mobile devices with limited storage are still very popular there. Twitter Lite helps to overcome these barriers to usage for Twitter in the Philippines.”

Download link: Twitter Lite on APK Mirror


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