Tursion TS-102 is an Android powered Pico Projector, Looks Awesome

You may not know much about the company Tursion, or their pico projector aspirations but this next product I’m about to show you looks impressive indeed. I want one already. This is the Tursion TS-102 Android powered pico projector. While I do have a few complaints with some of the specs, I can already see my gadget addicted self caving in and buying one just because I can.

Remember the Samsung Beam? It was supposed to be an Android phone with a projector but I’m not sure what happened to that. What we have here is no phone, this is all projector and the specs include a odd powered 624MHz dual-core processor of some type, a lens capable of projecting an 800×600 image up to 100-inches in size at 20 lumens. Above I mentioned a few specs I wished were better and that mainly is the resolution output and the OS. We have an outdated Android 2.1 Eclair here. I can work with that but Gingerbread would be sweet.

This is where it gets awesome though. It has 8GB internal storage as well as micro-SD support for additional games or movies. Then they have a trackpad right on top of the device for controlling and navigating the projected Android goodness. With Wi-Fi, buttons for controlling Android and video playback as well as 80 minutes of battery life I could have some fun with this thing.
Currently available on Amazon but it’s priced a bit steep at $449. I’m not sure why but I totally want one.
Tursion Andriod Tursion Android projector Tursion projector [via Engadget]


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