As we reported last week that a man in the flight has reported flames from his new Note 7. Similar issue with new Note 7 persists not only in US, Even from China similar reports have surfaced last week. As that matter is not resolved and police and company is still evaluating the real cause behind it, and we have got two more reports of similar incidents from the US.


Now, two more reports have arised regarding the new Note 7 catching fire. The two events are quite different, first one, happened with a man in Kentucky, the fire happened on Tuesday. It caused a man to be treated at a hospital for smoke inhalation when his phone caught fire in his bedroom overnight. The second gave a 13-year-old a minor burn when a Note7 battery failed in her hands.

So these are two different incidents that took place with the new Galaxy Note 7.

So what does this means? Samsung is due for second Recall of Note 7? Authorities are already banning this device onboard or at some commercial places.

It is going to be the end of the Galaxy Note 7 Journey? What do you think?

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