“Type With Confidence” using Grammarly Keyboard which is now available on Android


Grammarly Keyboard which is a reputed keyboard solely available for PC long ago, extended its support to iOS platform just recently. Naturally, that aroused curiosity among Android users regarding its availability on Android. Well, to those who’re waiting for the Grammarly to hit the Android OS. The latest announcement from the Grammarly ought to make them happy as the Keyboard is now made available for Android as well.

As some of you might know, the Grammarly keyboard was popular for its ability to correct the grammatical errors in sentences. And this was the feature that makes it stand-out from other keyboards. Now, the keyboard reaching Android devices, once installed and chosen as the default keyboard. It’d be suggesting and correcting grammatical errors that you make while typing. Literally, giving a polished and professional touch to your writings.

Since the app is a new comer in the Android world, it does lack some other advanced features that we see in other popular keyboards. However, it does its job of grammar correction with charm. Moreover, the premium counterpart of Grammarly offers certain enhanced functions such as advanced style suggestions.

You can download and install the new Grammarly for Android directly from the Google Play Store. What you’ve to say about the launch of Grammarly on Android? Hit our comment section below to pen down your valuable views.


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