The CTIA has released the latest statistics on cellphone users in the U.S., and it claims that there are 327.6 million cellphone subscriptions in America, a penetration rate of 103.9 percent compared to the U.S. population of 315.5 million. Of those 327.6 million subscriptions, 95.8 million are for smartphones.
Americans are putting good use to those 327.6 million active cellphones as well, as text messaging use has increased 16 percent for the year, with 1.138 trillion messages being sent in the past 12 months. Interestingly, only 28.2 billion MMS messages were sent, down from the previous year’s number of 32.1 billion. Data traffic unsurprisingly surged, growing 111 percent year over year.
The 327.6 million subscribers represent a nine percent growth over what the U.S. had last year, and up from the 302.9 million connections that the CTIA reported back in March. [via Fierce Wireless]


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