uber lite

Uber, a world’s largest ride sharing service is debuting it’s Uber lite app for different mobile Environments. Uber lite app is a new experience with some useful features on the board. Uber lite provides a respite for those who have low end device and want to experience freeze free Uber app experience.

uber lite

India as a one of the biggest market for Uber is making it a ground to get new features first. Similarly, Uber is launching the Uber lite app for the first time that too in India. Later, they have plans to launch it in some other developing nations. So, the app is built by taking care of the data speed in the country like India.

The country where most of the users are using mid level -low level devices for daily needs. Uber needed a lite version of the app badly from the past few years. Well, the late is always better than never and here it is available via a direct link from the Uber. You just have to sign up form to be the first to try the app. Recently, Uber launched the Android Wear 2.0 compatible app.


You can get the app by signing up for the Uber Lite app. Ola Lite comes in at just 580 KB, and offers most of the features of the full-fledged app.

Source: Uber Lite


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