Ubuntu For Android Demoed Video In Brazil At FISL


Ubuntu for Android: Here we got another video which demoed Ubuntu for Android in Brazil at FISL (Fórum Internacional Software Livre). Demo was done was done on a Motorola ATRIX . The 6 minute long overview runs through many of the core Ubuntu for Android features, including docking, running apps, using Unity, etc.

With gingerbread on board it is supposed to run ubuntu with firefox browser when connected to lapdock at least. So not that much of a news but hey its pretty slick. Full desktop experience and still be able to use the phone. Even if you disconnect the phone from the television like he did on 3:30 to answer a call for example, your desktop will be in the exact same state it was when you unplugged it.

Ubuntu for Android is a full desktop OS afterall. This could even possibly help the fight against Windows 8 by putting Ubuntu on ultra portables.


Via: PhoneArena


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