ubuntu phone os

ubuntu phone os

So finally Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth has quoted that Ubuntu Phone S is heading for launch in October 2013. Last month on January 12th Canonical showed off Ubuntu Phone OS running on Galaxy Nexus device. Later on it also confirmed that Ubuntu Mobile OS build for Galaxy Nexus with some bugs is coming in late February.

Ubuntu founder announced plans for the Phone to ship in ‘two large geographic markets’ come October of this year. What it means? North America and..?

New Ubuntu Phone OS will have all features like we use it on monitor, with mouse and keyboard (like computer feels).  According to Shuttleworth, Ubuntu Phone OS can have Windows apps shared with it over a server.

There will be 12 core apps in the system out of which 4 are of social networks – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and an RSS reader. Other apps will e of email, weather, time, etc. The CEO also revealed that Ubuntu phone “has drawn interest from carriers as well, many of which are [unsurprisingly] eager to break up the smartphone market hegemony of Apple and Google.”

So are you waiting for Ubuntu Phone OS ?

Source: Wall Street Journal


  1. I don’t think this will take over a significant part of Phone OS. Main reason is that, it is not easy to install. And before this, Android 5 is gonna be released.


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