If you are in the UK and have been counting the days until you could buy the Transformer Prime for yourself, this is your day. You can now hop over to Clove and pre-order the Transformer Prime tablet in two different packs.

You can get either the Prime in 64GB flavor with no keyboard accessory or you can opt for the 32GB Transformer Prime with the keyboard accessory for the same price. Either of the tablets will set you back £459 or £550.80 with VAT. One big benefit of that 32GB version with the keyboard accessory is that the battery life is 18 hours with that keyboard attached.
Other than the storage and keyboard, both are the same. Both versions rock a 64GB of internal storage, they both have 10.1-inch screens, and WiFi. The processor is the NVIDIA Tegra 3 and there is a mini HDMI output too. The pages for both versions show January for stock to come in with a ship date somewhere in that area.
[via SlashGear]


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