Fingerprint scanners have become a common feature on smartphones these days and smartphones costing as low as $100 are now offering fingerprint sensors. However, Qualcomm is all set to unveil the Ultrasonic Fingerprint scanner. There has been rumors that the Xiaomi Mi5s will be the first device bearing this sensor but these rumors have been subject to a great amount of arguments in the recent past. However, all these arguments have now been put to rest as Wang Yang, director of IHS Technology posted a teaser on Weibo confirming the fact.


For those of you who are unaware about how this new technology works, smartphone manufacturers will now be able to embed the scanner under any surface like glass, metal or plastic as the sue of ultrasonic technology does not require contact with the finger to scan fingerprints. This means that the fingerprint scanner can now also be embedded into the smartphone’s screen. You can head to this link to know more.


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