Emoji’s have over the time played a major role as an effective tool for expressing our thoughts and feelings. In fact, there exists a large portion of folks who feel it as a better medium of expressing themselves than through words. The Unicode Consortium team, the organization behind the creation and development of emoji’s – for the year 2018 has newly released the latest Emoji 11.0 with new sets of characters. Hence, we’ll be having even more icons for expressing our emotions.

The previous version of emoji’s set from the team was Emoji 5.0. Of course, there is a great leap from the previous to the latest Emoji in terms of version number. It’s so as to synchronize the Emoji version number to the latest Unicode 11.0. Thereby, starting with this release, the version number for emoji is synchronized with the corresponding version number of the Unicode Standard.

The Emoji 11.0 brings new and exciting changes to the world of emotional icons. Plenty of newcomers and major overhaul in the appearance of existing emoticons are what the new release of Emoji brings to the table. To mention some, the man and woman emoji can now have various hair styles, such as red-haired, curly-haired, white-haired, and evenbald:). Moreover, the new superhero and supervillain support genders and skin tones.

Various OEM’s can now start working on their own customized emoji fonts with the  help of finalized Emoji 11.0 set that includes the data needed for vendor customizations. They can do so ahead of the official release of Unicode 11.0, scheduled for June 2018.




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