Whatsapp for Business

Whatsapp is again down for in this month. This is the second time that Whatsapp has went down globally without any prior notification. Whatsapp down worldwide, at the time of the writing it’s been 15 minutes since the whatsapp went down.

Whatsapp for BusinessIt seems that that Whatsapp is trying to add something new to its service or they are having trouble making something. Well, the reason is not available as of now, but still we expect a clarification from Whatsapp side. We will let you know guys whenever the reason will be specified by Whatsapp.

Update: Whatsapp seems to be coming live now in many regions. In India and some other regions, users have started reporting that the service is coming back live. After the outage of around 20 minutes the Whatsapp service is coming back to normalcy.

Many users took to twitter and other social networking platform to report the Whatsapp downtime. Well, good news is that it is coming back to track for most of the regions. You can also check the status in your country by simpling sending a message.


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