It’s been couple of days when the Pokemon Go was updated. Today, one more update is rolling out from Niantic to the Pokemon Go. Still, it is not the update what we want but packs some really needed changes.


Niantic has added revised ‘Nearby’ feature after pull out of the same feature just weeks after the launch of the game. Due to some loopholes in this feature Niantic suspended this feature. Now, with some refinements as it will only appear if you are close to a Pokéstop.

It is now live in some parts of the U.S, Australia and Canada. Right now the feature is not publicly rolling out to most of the world. It is present partially in the above mentioned countries. Niantic is closely watching the results

“This is a huge step backwards if you’re not in the middle of a bunch of PokéStops, tracking is literally gone when you’re not around one,” wrote Reddit user mattster8.

In other news about the Pokemon GO, it is reported that Ditto has been found by some users who even reported it on Reddit.



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