BBM Messenger for Android & iOS features redesigned chat screen and bubbles, new sticker shop and more


Today, Blackberry has started rolling out a latest updated BBM Messenger for both Android and iOS platforms. The updated app incorporates major design changes and incur new additional feature. By this, the Canadian firm expects to enhance the BBM experience for those who are using it. Unfortunately, for the iPhone users, the new features are not live now. However, it will be available on iOS next month.

With this new updated BBM. Blackberry has refined the chat screen, added convenient main menu in Android, re-organized the sticker shop with new animated stickers and certain extra additions to Discover More tab. In Overall, embracing a new get-up that makes BBM simpler to use and navigate.

Let us look a little deep into the makeovers below:

What’s new with the latest BBM Android.

  • Redesigned Chat Screen in Android: Usual chat bubbles are now turned into speech bubbles. With photos of the sender attached besides it. Also, toned down the colors of the bubbles to a lighter blue and white, added a patterned background, and made all the text black for better visualisation. Furthermore, there is a small shift in the position of delivered or read tick marks. Now the ticks are on the right instead of left.
  • Menu Shifted from Top to Bottom: Another shift, which takes the menu bar to the bottom of the screen in Android. Blackberry claims that the shift provides a better convenience, as it is now close to the fingertips.
  • Better and Improved Sticker Shop: Now it’s made easy to find stickers of your favorite in the new re-organsied shop. Many sticker packs from Sticker Factory as well as Blackberry artists are now made available.
  • New Additions to Discover Menu: These are services which are region specific. So, might not be available for all of the users. For example Nigerians can now find out what events are happening in their area. And, for the Middle Eastern and North- African users, Blackberry provides the service of two new channels, Sa2eh and Jamal. Evidently, services differ from region to region.

in order to experience all of the above new features on your BBM Messenger. Don’t forget to update your BBM Messenger via Google Play Store.



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