Wear OS Phone, in case if you don’t know, is nothing but a Wear OS counterpart of “Phone” in Android for smartphones. Simply, it facilitates the Wear OS smartwatch users to make a call directly from the watch itself. In an effort to improve the utility of the app, Google is now rolling out a new update via Play Store, totting couple of new features.

The latest Wear OS Phone 2.02.008 is live on Google Play Store in smartwatches running Wear OS Android 8.0 or newer. Thankfully, the update is not just a maintenance release as following features are being newly added along with some bugs squashing.

What’s New

  • Quick Replies
  • Streamlined Outgoing Calls
  • Bug fixes

Quick Replies is not something new as far as a smartphone users are considered. Basically, the feature highlights some common, mostly used replies on the oncoming call notification. It can be accessed by tapping the overflow menu with a number of preset options available, including “I will call you right back”, and  “Can’t talk right now”.

The streamlined outgoing calls is intended for making the dialling experience faster and easier. Interestingly, one thing that the changelog haven’t mentioned is regarding the overhaul made in UI design.

That said, Android rules the smartphone world, but its smartwatch counterpart Wear OS is perhaps struggling to attain the expected level. However, Google is in an effort to revitalize the Wear OS experience. The next edition of Wear OS 3.0 is due to be unveiled later this year and let’s wait and see what Google has up in its sleeve for the smartwatches.


Owner of a Wear OS watch running Android Oreo 8.0 or newer, and haven’t updated the Wear OS Phone yet? No worry as you can do it now by heading over to the Google Play Store using the link given below.

Wear OS Phone 2.02: Google Play Store


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