US Cellular Beats Verizon to the Punch – HTC Merge Launching April 29th


I first heard about the HTC Merge last fall when someone leaked some pics of the phone on Verizon’s network. Since then, you can find the Merge on just about every carrier these days. Alltell wireless is taking pre-orders and Cellular South plans to release it soon. Don’t even get me started on Verizon, who has been sitting on this phone apparently for months.
Well, now you can add US Cellular to the bunch. Engadget received a screenshot from a US Cellular internal email showing they plan to release the phone this Friday, April 29th.
Just as a refresher, the Merge is one of HTC’s world phones compatible with both CDMA and GSM frequencies. It features a 3.8 inch screen, a solid 4-row QWERTY keyboard and Android 2.2 with HTC’s Sense UI for a topping. Looks like this phone could complete a solid Android lineup for QWERTY lovers no matter which carrier decides to snatch it up. Verizon, where you at?


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