AN ARIZONA COMPANY formerly known as “iCloud Communications” has dumped its trademark lawsuit against shiny toy maker Apple and changed its name.

According to the Phoenix New Times, Phoenix-based Icloud made a complaint just days after polo neck wearer Steve Jobs unveiled Apple’s online file storage service of the same name.
The company claimed it had been called “iCloud” since 2005, and said it had spent a large amount on advertising and promotion, so it sought monetary damages and an injunction against Apple’s use of the name.
However, it has now changed its mind and on 1 September, the company filed a motion for voluntary dismissal with prejudice, meaning that the claim can’t be re-filed once approved by the judge. It’s not even seeking reimbursement for legal fees and has even changed its name.
The company’s local lawyer, Bob Itri, told Phoenix New Times it had no comment to make when asked about the case.
We are wondering why the company that was formerly Icloud decided to abandon its lawsuit. Perhaps it was proving too expensive, or maybe the company took a look at Apple’s unrelenting patent battle with Samsung and thought it better to just step aside.

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