android auto

Android Auto really comes in handy for users who own a vehicle which supports the platform. But, it has several issues here and there as it’s been only two years since its initial release. The most complained thing about Android Auto is the inability to unlock the phone and use it normally. But now, that has been resolved as users can unlock the phone simply by swiping up.

Android auto

Now as the phone can be unlocked while connected, users can easily access the phone without any hassle. Google didn’t want users to use their phone while driving, hence they did not allow users to unlock their phone. But, as people kept on requesting for the feature, Google had to listen as the complaints were reasonable.

Such as once the phone is connected to the car via Android Auto, users can access it only via voice. And we all know that voice control has never been perfect but better than previous years. Also, as the phone cannot be unlocked, the person other than driver also couldn’t use the phone. Other situations include while parked and in traffic.

However, now users can finally unlock their phone while it is connected. All you have to do is simply swipe up the screen. And it works on Android Auto v2.9 and later. If you don’t have the latest version installed on your phone, get it from the Play Store now.


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