Velocity Micro is extending its tablet offerings with a pair of new budget-priced Gingerbread models. The Cruz T408 and Cruz T410 are 8-inches and 10-inches respectively (natch), with built-in access to the Amazon App Store and WiFi Internet access. The tablets are available now starting at $239.

Both tablets share identical internals: a 1GHz Cortex processor, 512Mb of RAM, a front-facing camera and an extremely welcome capacitive touchscreen. The screens themselves are oddly mismatched: the 8-inch T408 will have a 4:3 screen, whereas the T410 goes for a full widescreen 16:9 experience. Resolutions weren’t announced, but I’d guess 8oo x 600 and 1280 x 720, respectively. There’s a surprising amount of built-in apps, including QuickOffice, Adobe Flash and the ever-popular Angry Birds. These being Gingerbread tablets, there’s no access to the Android Market or Google apps, but the Amazon App Store should have most people covered.
Check out the official video below – watch at 42 seconds for a familiar face.

Both tablets are shipping from Velocity Micro’s web store now, and you can probably expect them at retail locations soon. The Cruz T408 will retail for just $239, while the big brother T410 will cost $299. That might be a hard sell as the Amazon Kindle Fire release draws nearer, but some might prefer a more traditional Gingerbread tablet to Amazon’s super-customized loss-leader. And who knows – if Google releases the open source code for Ice Cream Sandwich as promised, these budget tablets could become platforms for custom ICS ROMs very quickly.
[via Android Central]

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