Verizon Wireless has been rolling out their latest 4G LTE networks faster than most of us imagined they would. Basically their 4G offering is putting the rest to shame, while AT&T is barely even getting started. We last heard of around 25 new cities getting updated back in July and now only a few weeks later they are adding 15 more cities to the 4G spectrum while upgrading and expanding the reach in many others.

Starting tomorrow August 18th, Verizon will be flipping the power switch to 15 more cities boosting them up to those lovely 4G speeds we’ve been seeing lately. Just in time for the 4G LTE DROID Bionic to hit the shelves right? It has been showing some impressive speedtest results thanks to 4G so anyone that is about to get the upgrade to 4G should be excited and probably buy the Bionic.

New 4G LTE Cities:

-Tucson, Ariz.
-Fayetteville/Springdale/Rogers, Ark.
-Bakersfield and Salinas/Monterey/Seaside, Calif.
-Fort Collins, Colo.; Frederick, Md.
-Worcester, Mass.
-Omaha, Neb./Council Bluffs, Iowa
-Albany, Ithaca and Syracuse, N.Y.
-Altoona and Johnstown, Pa.
-Memphis, Tenn.
-Provo, Utah.

Expanding service:

-Washington, D.C.
-Tampa, Fla.
-Atlanta, Ga.
-Baltimore, Md.
-Boston, Mass.
-Lansing, Mich.
-New York, N.Y.
-Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio
-Salt Lake City-Ogden, Utah
There is a lot of larger cities as well as plenty smaller ones on both of those lists. Users will be happy to know they are about to get introduced to what we all have been loving for a few months already. For more details on all available 4G cities feel free to read over the Press Release. I’ve been enjoying 4G LTE on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE version and you can read my full review here.
Is your town on that list, and if so are you already seeing 4G speeds if you own a 4G LTE device?


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