We’ve said AT&T has their work cut out for them regarding 4G LTE a few times and this is just one more confirmation that it’s true. Verizon is showing zero signs of slowing down their impressive roll-out of 4G LTE. They have been steadily adding 15-25 new markets every month or so since their LTE networks first launched and they seem to be continuing the extremely fast pace of integration.

Just last week they flipped the switch on 26 new markets as well as expanded the reach and capabilities in multiple cities that already had LTE. Now today they’ve announced they are getting ready to start another big push and will flip the same BIG RED switch enabling 4G LTE in another 21 network locations late October. At this rate I see them hitting and passing that 175 markets by the end of 2011 with ease.

Verizon wasn’t extremely clear on this next release but we should receive a full press release shortly with all the details. We can expect these 21 cities to have LTE come October 20th but there is a good possibility you’ll start seeing it a few days early so be sure to give it a try with any Verizon LTE enabled device. Along with those new markets they’ll also be expanding in many others like they’ve done in the recent past and we’ll update when we know more.
AT&T just launched their 4G LTE two days ago and sadly they only included a very unimpressive 5 markets in the launch. They did however mention plans to fire up 4G LTE in 10-15 additional markets before years end. If that is all they plan on pushing I have a feeling Verizon is sitting pretty and smiling behind closed doors right about now. With Verizon 4G LTE in around 140+ cities to date and more coming very soon things are looking quite bright for Big Red regarding this next-gen LTE stuff. We will update when the list of cities becomes available.
[via SlashGear]


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