Verizon 4G LTE keeps rolling, more markets announced for December 15th

It’s no surprise that Verizon is pushing full steam ahead with their 4G LTE network, they’ve been updating with 10-15 new markets and locations almost every few weeks for months on end. Late last month they flipped the big red switch on 22 new markets and another list will be activated on November 17th, today they’ve just announced another round of upgrades coming in mid December.

Its been under a year and as of last month Verizon announced they have already completely exceeded and past their initial goals for the 2011 4G LTE rollout. Reaching more than 185 million users across the US and counting. With more coming this month, and another slew of updates set for December they’ll be serving over 200 million customers by years end.

The image above is an old graph but still shows the huge coverage by Verizon Wireless, I think I’ll just cover every white spot in red soon and use that instead. Today they’ve announced another location that will be receiving the 4G LTE expansion. The new areas of coverage that have been announced include Findlay, Tiffin, Warren, and Youngstown, Ohio. They also mentioned Indiana, White Twp. (including the Indiana University of PA campus), Homer City and Blairsville are among the few slated for activation in December. We didn’t get any other details regarding other markets in Ohio or Indiana but most likely the list is quite larger as they’ve been updating more than 10-15 each few weeks as of late.
Most updates have been activated and tested a week or two before becoming official so if you’re located in any of those areas feel free to start testing for those 4G LTE speeds if you have a capable device. Let us know how it goes in the comments below.
[via Market Watch]


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