A few days back AT&T units of the Galaxy Note 8 has received the latest Android 8.0 Oreo update. Now some up to date information is there which is coming from “Reddit”. Multiple Sprint and Verizon users have posted the changelog of the Android Oreo update for their Galaxy Note 8. It means that following AT&T, the Galaxy Note 8 units powered by Verizon and Sprint has also started receiving this new update. So without spoiling any time let’s jump to some in-depth information.

So if you own a Verizon or Sprint powered Galaxy Note 8 then it is a good news for you. You will get the notification for the fresh Oreo update on your device. This specific update is mammoth, according to the posted screenshot this update weighs at 1329.19MB’s. So for that reason, we will suggest you opting for a high-speed connection. This update has been rolled out for the following versions of the handset: N950USQU3CRC2/N950UOYN3CRC2/N950USQU3CRC2.

The major improvement this update brings is the Samsung Experience 9.0 which is based on the Android Oreo. Samsung suggests users backing up their important data as for some the upgrade might become a nightmare and they might end up losing the data. With this update, Samsung has refined the biometrics which means now your device is more secure from various vulnerabilities.

Now a user will be able to experience some Android Oreo limited features like PIP(Picture in Picture) mode, Auto-fill, background app management, Notification dots, etc. In case you don’t know Galaxy Note 8 runs on a custom UI developed by Samsung so users will not be able to enjoy that stock Android Oreo on this device even by downloading this update.

If you have downloaded this update you are free to share your feedback in the comment box


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