Well folks, it appears the Galaxy Nexus over on Verizon has leaked again today and we now have a few more pictures for everyone to enjoy. Thanks to one of our friendly Android Community readers we now have a few shots of the Verizon bloatware (only a few apps) and proof that they can easily be disabled right on the device just like any app in Ice Cream Sandwich. Below are the photos showing the Verizon Galaxy Nexus including data usage, and the bloatware actually disabled.

The Verizon 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus was also leaked in a few pictures and videos yesterday. Tie that in with the pictures coming out today and the new Visual Voicemail app specifically for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus I’d say this phone is coming soon — although your guess is still as good as mine.
Verizon has made a few changes to the data usage monitoring present in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and you can see that in the leaked images below as well. I know the Gnex being a Google experience device many weren’t happy to see that Verizon was still loading up some VZW bloatware applications, even though it was only a few. It is nice to see that those few items can be easily disabled right from the application manager and will disappear from your app tray. For those worried about bloatware it seems no root will be required to keep this beautiful Google device completely stock as Google intended.
Latest rumors are pointing to a December 11th release. We can only wait and hope right?
VZW Apps Disabled and no longer showing VZW Apps Disabled Data usage 1 VZW App Disable 2


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