LG G Vista has been in news and has had its shares of leaks. It was just two days back that @evleaks posted photos of an LG device which supposedly was the LG G Vista. After the leak, we knew that device was due soon but we had no guess it’d be out this early.

Another leak from @evleaks tells us that the LG G Vista is headed to Verizon and is stated to go on sale starting July 18th. Thats the coming Friday.


The device carries the model number VS880 and will be up for sale through Verizon for customers from this Friday.

The LG G Vista is what many are believing to be the rebirth of the LG G Pro 2 Lite. It will be a 5.7″ phone with its screen offering 720 p resolution which is a sudden drop from the G3’s QHD screen. It is expected to be a budget phone but its pricing is still unavailable and uncertain. We’ll find out more about it on Friday. Till then, you might want to check out more of its specs by clicking here.
We’ll get back to you with more info soon, hopefully before Friday. Till then , stay tuned for more news updates.


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