Verizon Intros New Plan of 12GB for $80; Brings Unlimited Data at 128Kbps For Free to All Users


Verizon announced changes to their The Verizon Plan that include a new 12GB option and the addition of Safety Mode for free.


Verizon was essentially giving you unlimited data, but they were slowing the speeds of your data connection to 128Kbps after you used up your high-speed data allotment for a billing cycle. Earlier, This feature was only free to XL and XXL plans, and cost S, M, and L plan holders $5 per month.

Here is the full plan line-up:

  • Small: 2 GB for $35/month
  • Medium: 4 GB for $50/month
  • Large: 8 GB for $70/month
  • Limited time offer: 12 GB for $80/month
  • X-Large: 16 GB for $90/month
  • XX-Large: 24 GB for $110/month

KNow more by getting over to the Verizon.


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