Verizon to have the LG G Smartwatch


Recently Samsung announced its smartwatch with a SIM slot which can be used for force data connectivity. And now LG G is trying to get in the game too.According to a report, LG VC100 just passed through FCC with label as “Smartwatch with CDMA” connectivity. Which makes it obvious that LG is going to release an Android Wearable device appoint with mobile connectivity.

So unlike most of the smartwatches in the market it would not be dependent on a smartphone. As you can see in the image below, it comes with the CDMA functionality.

Also it would be running on the Android Wearable OS. And also a leak suggests that this LG exclusive release will only be made available by Verizon. So what are your thoughts about this LG G Smartwatch. is it better than the Samsung Smartwatches, which don’t feature the Android Wearable OS.


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