Verizon is Rolling out an OTA update to Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge


If you’re having Samsung’s new Flagship devices Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge than you will get a new OTA update. The carrier says that this update is more than just bug fixes and security patches. ¬†With this OTA Software version is updated to “G930VVRU2APD2” for the Galaxy S7 and “G935VVRU2APD2” for the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Full Changelog of this New Update:

  • Security patches, though we aren’t sure if it’ll be May’s or one from a previous month, but since the phones are currently on February’s security update, anything will be a welcome addition.
  • A pop-up reminder to close your SIM/SD card tray if you left it open.
  • A shortcut has been added to Application Manager to give you easier access to memory statistics for individual apps.
  • Easier instructions on how to enable and disable the always-on screen mode.
  • When traveling outside your time zone, the dual clock on the always-on screen will now show the current time under “roaming.”
  • New hints in the Smart Switch app.
  • On-screen messages during video calls when switching between Wi-Fi and cellular.
  • Better connection to network extenders.
  • Fixed a sync bug with Outlook email when the phone is in power-saving mode.
  • Fixed a multiple popup bug in Milk Music.
  • Eliminated multiple SD card popup notifications.

Although the update will rolling out gradually and it will take some time to reach your phone.

Via: Verizon (1,2)