The LG Revolution hit Verizon back in May, and contrary to the manufacturer’s suggestion, life was not good for Android fans eager for a taste of Gingerbread. Verizon is now pushing out the Android 2.3 update across its network with the standard upgrades and bug fixes. For the record, the Revolution is getting the update a mere 10 months after the Gingerbread source code was released, and five months after it hit the market with Froyo.

According to Verizon’s update page, additions to the standard featureset include a reworked text selection system, proper HDMI support and an Airplane Mode free of bugs. More under-the-hood fixes like email folder display, better attachment support, SIM card messages, and a SIM card security alert. The software is version VS910ZV7, and you can either wait for the staggered rollout message to appear or initiate a manual update via the Settings menu.
You might want to hold off on that, however. Verizon’s software updates have had a nasty habit of backfiring as of late, as in the HTC ThunderBolt and DROID BIONIC. In the case of the former, a critical bugged caused the carrier to pull the Gingerbread update just days after releasing it months late. Those desperate for Gingerbread can take their chances, of course, but caution might be in order for a week or so. Of course, you could always go rogue and root your phone for some nice custom ROM action, via CyanogenMod 7 or others.


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