Verizon Says Data Plan No Longer Required For The Motorola Xoom, Darn Skippy VZ

Looks like Big Red “finally came around” in regards to their requirement of the one-month data plan purchase and bogus $35 activation fee for those who have desperately desired a Xoom.  This included customers who just wanted to buy the device and use it as a WiFi only tablet.  The word “rubbish” comes to mind, to put it nicely.  If Verizon fails to play their cards right in this pricing war, they are going to lose a ton of ground with prospective consumers to that other pad out there, what’s its face?  Anyway, as of now The Xoom is $599 with a two-year contract, and $799 without an agreement.  For starters, we’re thankful to see the data plan restrictions and activation fees removed by Verizon, and we can definitely note that they are moving in the right direction for competition’s sake.  In an article written by JR Raphael over at ComputerWorld, he states:
As of this morning, Verizon has removed that requirement. I’ve confirmed with a Verizon Wireless spokesperson that if you purchase the Xoom for $800, without a contract, you will not be required to pay the $35 activation fee or sign up for any sort of data plan.
So, here’s to hoping that Verizon changes the playing field a bit with pricing or we fear there will be some serious sale suffering when the iPad 2 enters the game.  Come on Verizon, make believers out of us.  The Xoom, with Honeycomb on board, makes for an extremely impressive device.  It’s that “but” that comes into play when it comes to pricing.  Let us know what your thinking in the comments below.


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